Kids are more than just dependent minors who you have to feed, educate, and care for.

Children’s rights in divorce and essential to understand and respect when moving forward with any divorce or spousal separation.

It’s not only important to understand the different kinds of child custody, but to know that it’s not just the parents who get a say in all this.

Kids are people too. Small people, yes, but still humans with rights, opinions, and feelings.

Divorce is rarely easy and can put a lot of stress and strain on a family, particularly young children. It’s important to always focus on what is in their best interests and to know their rights before going into divorce proceedings.

Learn more about children’s rights in divorce and never forget to listen to their opinions and respect their rights.

Rights of Children

There is a thing commonly referred to as the “Children’s Bill of Rights” that summarizes children’s rights in divorce.

Here’s a list of the top ten rights children have in a divorce:

  1. It is the right of each child to have equal time to spend with each parent, given there are no extenuating circumstances. Both parents are important contributors to the emotional development of a child.
  2. Parents should never require their children to pick one parent’s side over another.
  3. Kids have a right to hear from both parents the details of child custody plans and how they will be practically carried out. Dedication to supporting and raising the children should be honored by respecting and following custody arrangements.
  4. Special needs children, whether they have physical, mental, emotional, or another developmental disorder, have the right to fair and proper consideration regarding a child care and custody plan.
  5. Every child has the irrevocable right to be physically safe and responsibly supervised during their time in the care of either one of their parents.
  6. Children have the right to be guarded against individuals abusing alcohol or using illegal drugs.
  7. Children have the right to NOT be made responsible for figuring out decisions regarding visitation and custody. That responsibility belongs to the parents, and their legal counsel if necessary.
  8. It is a child’s right to be loved by each parent, barring any negative feelings of disappointment or guilt.
  9. Children have a right to be guarded against any anger a parent feels or expresses towards their former spouse.
  10. Children have a right to not be the central line of communication between each parent and should not be relied upon to relay messages.

These are just a few of the top rights children have in divorce and child custody, though there are certainly more. Check out a more extensive “Children’s Bill of Rights” and learn more about how kids fell and perceive the divorce of their parents.

It is crucial that no matter how messy the situation gets, children’s rights in divorce are protected and respected.

There are of course many different situations and factors to consider with children divorce from custody and visitation to child support and physical and emotional care. Consider different questions children have in divorce and learn how to best cater to their needs.

Divorce unavoidably changes a family; it’s important to make the transition as easy and fair on children as possible.

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