Dealing with child custody arrangements usually isn’t easy.

Especially if the divorce proceeding aren’t amicable, there is a lot of stress when it comes to navigating divorce in Virginia with a child.

No matter the situation, there are a lot of decisions to be made when divorcing parties have children. 

Besides all of the emotional factors and personal circumstances involved, there are other legal questions to consider when going through a divorce, such as,

  • Can parental rights be reinstated once they’re terminated?
  • What are the rules for child visitation?
  • How about child custody laws for unmarried parents?
  • How can I get full child custody in a divorce?
  • What are a father’s legal parental rights?

To help families navigate the sometimes-chaotic process of child custody in divorce, get more information from Pond Law Group below.

Part 1:

My Parental Rights Were Terminated: Can They Be Reinstated?

Sometimes one parent’s rights can be terminated as a result of divorce and child custody proceedings.

But can they later be reinstated?

Though it’s a difficult and uncommon process, no, it’s not impossible to reinstated parental rights.

Whether your parental rights were terminated voluntarily or involuntary, the circumstances surrounding your case and the legislation in your state are big factors for a judge to consider when deciding to reinstate parental rights.

Read more in the article about the potential for some parents to have their parental rights reinstated and the different legal criteria in each state.

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Part 2:

What are the Rules Governing Visitation after the Termination of Parental Rights?

Child visitation can be one of the biggest to navigate in divorce.

Some families are able to come to an arrangement among themselves, while other parties may need legal assistance to come to a reasonable decision for them.

The bottom line is the well-being of the child. 

This article discusses the legal obligations of parents to care for their children and the different rules surrounding child visitation and parental rights after a divorce.

Part 3:

Child Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents

Though there may be different legal technicalities between a divorcing couple and a separated unmarried couple, unmarried parents still have rights when it comes to child custody.

For unmarried couples, it is typical for primary or sole custody of children to fall to the mother unless the father in more involved and and pursues his legal parental rights too.

From things such as needing proof of paternity, using the Virginia Putative Father Registry, just knowing more about child custody orders, learn more about child custody laws for unmarried parents here.

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Part 4:

Child Custody Laws for Fathers

It can be challenging for fathers when it comes to child custody.

But fathers have important parental rights too and have just as many rights in Virginia as mothers when it comes to pursuing child custody.

Whether you’re a single father seeking full custody, trying to navigate child custody while in the military, or want to avoid common mistake made by fathers in child custody cases, read more about how to protect your paternal rights. 

Part 5:

Getting Full Custody of a Child in VA

There are several ways to get full custody of a child in Virginia. 

The primary steps for seeking full child custody are:

  • Petitioning the court for custody.
  • Filing an affidavit.
  • Filing a Motion to Amend or Review
  • Come to a parental agreement or get a final decision from the judge.

Learn about the differences between joint and sole child custody and the process of seeking full child custody in Virginia.

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Part 6:

Guide to Virginia Child Visitation Laws

We’ve talked a lot so far about specific circumstances regarding child custody and visitation, but what are the basics?

Virginia child visitation laws go hand in hand when dealing with divorce and child custody.

Some important topicss that may arise when discussing child visitation laws include,

  • Solve vs. Joint Child Custody
  • Court Ordered Custody and Visitation
  • Unmarried Parental Rights and Visitation
  • Open Adoption Visitation
  • Subsidized Gaurdianship
  • Reinstating Parental Rights

Read more in our Guide to Virginia Child Visitation Laws.

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